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La'toria Williams


La'Toria was born and raised in East St. Louis, IL and always desired more from the small city she resided in until college. After graduating from Lincoln University, HBCU, she ventured to San Diego to further her passion in marketing. After working a few years in the corporate marketing industry, she decided to use the tools she had learned and apply to build her own marketing consulting company.


"I wanted to help new and established business owners who were not able to market themselves online properly an opportunity to sell and profit  online with their business."

About Me

My vision 


Soulful Media Marketing, founded 2019, was created to provide valuable media to the masses that is beneficial to the soul. We provide an avenue to advertise successfully online that connects with the core of the people buying your products or services. 

We believe helping you tell your story in your own unique way will get you results from the right target audience. 


 My Why

We take a deep dive with you into the current online presence including, website, social media, and email marketing. From there, we create an unique marketing strategy that will increase your online presence and gain new connections with new leads.

Using research and data tools, we are able to view the results of your marketing efforts including; traffic from websites, Google analytics from SEO, and campaign results from social media marketing campaigns. This data is used to scale on profitable campaigns and increase overall brand awareness.

Soulful Media is committed to the success of the marketing campaigns we create specifically for your business. We want to see you succeed and help you achieve your company and growth objectives.


Soulful Media

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